Our vision is to build a better world by accelerating the creation and growth of world-class technology companies.

Who We Are

MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) is a global organization of dedicated professionals with local chapters, affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through MIT Technology Review. We are open to all members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

  • We are a nonprofit organization, headquartered with MIT Technology Review in Cambridge, Massachusetts (U.S.), with chapters worldwide. 
  • We are led by dedicated staff and volunteers who share a passion for making a difference and achieving global outcomes through tailored local and regional programs. 
  • MITEF has chapters in major markets in the U.S. and a growing number outside the U.S., including many emerging markets. 
  • A complete list can be found at www.mitef.org/chapters

Our Purpose

We help early-stage technology entrepreneurs succeed faster.

  • We believe technology can solve big problems and do powerful things.
  • We know that entrepreneurs want to solve problems and challenges – and, through their efforts, make a difference by bringing technology innovations to market. 

How We Achieve Our Purpose

We inform, connect, and coach through:

  • Relevant programming – including workshops, coaching and mentoring initiatives, subject matter, expert speakers, competitions and challenges, and networking events. 
  • Practical content – tailored for entrepreneurs to help them tackle real-world challenges 

Why We Are Unique

MIT Enterprise Forum is a global organization with local chapters affiliated with MIT, the world’s foremost technology institution, and focused on the success of early-stage technology entrepreneurs.

  • MITEF was established in 1978, making us one of the oldest entrepreneurial-support organizations in the world.

The Underlying Philosophies and Values That Guide Us

We share a passion for making a difference in the world through technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

  • We are a mission-driven organization that believes in the power of our dedicated professional staff and volunteers, who bring talent, intelligence, experience, and energy to our cause. 
  • We strive to demonstrate world-class quality in everything we do.

Who We Impact

We engage all stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem as part of our efforts to support technology entrepreneurs. 

  • MITEF understands that others are in the entrepreneurial ecosystem can affect an entrepreneur’s success, including other entrepreneurs, incubators, investors, industry leaders, service providers, associations, and government programs. 
  • Although MITEF strives to provide value to entrepreneurs across their startups’ lifecycles, MITEF’s greatest impact is in accelerating the success of early-stage companies – as early as concept stage and pre-seed, but prior to significant institutional funding.
  • MITEF sees technology entrepreneurs as innovators who transform technological capabilities into real-world commercial enterprises, therefore providing value to their customers. 

Why Our Efforts Are Important

Our efforts help entrepreneurs transform ideas into technology companies with world-changing impact. 


  • Is part of the solution to global problems, no matter how big.
  • Expands the scope of human possibility and creates new opportunities. 
  • Creates new products and services that allow us to live longer, improve our health, and enjoy more capabilities than ever before. 
  • Is the greatest driver of economic opportunity, lifting billions of people out of poverty, liberating them from menial and dangerous labor, and providing them with more meaningful and advanced work. 

Our Relationship to MIT and MIT Technology Review

MIT Enterprise Forum is managed by MIT Technology Review, an independent global media organization wholly owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

  • We are aligned with the missions of both:
  • This alignment includes a focus on identifying the technologies that matter and working with others to bring this knowledge to bear on the world’s greatest challenges. 
  • MIT Enterprise Forum, Inc. is a corporation with a single sole member – MIT Technology Review, Inc., a Massachusetts nonprofit corporation – which is responsible for the budget, staff, and direct management of the MIT Enterprise Forum.
  • MIT Technology Review Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation wholly owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 
  • MITEF’s global headquarters is based in MIT Technology Review’s offices on the MIT campus. 
  • MITEF is open to all – MIT alumni and non-alumni alike. 


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